On May 23-24, 2023, the ZMOS Congress was held at the National Tennis Center in Bratislava. Almost 1,300 delegates gathered at the 34th Diet of the Association of Cities and Towns of Slovakia – female mayors and mayors. The two-day meeting of the highest body of the ZMOS was the first meeting since the autumn municipal elections. Therefore, it also included the election of the president of the association and the members of the Control Commission. The Assembly determined eleven priorities of the association for the following year.

The topic of waste management resonated strongly with most of the participating mayors and mayors, especially the support for waste sorting and recycling. Increasing landfill fees is a significant motivation for municipalities and cities to sort waste, prevent waste generation and creates pressure to increase the recycling rate.

The Association of Cities and Towns of Slovakia (ZMOS) demands modern self-government and responsible solutions. Our ESONA solution is intended for municipalities and cities that need to increase control in the waste export process. The solution supports a transparent process of registration, management and export of waste containers, which will enable the introduction of bulk collection and address control of waste disposal containers and thereby help motivate citizens to sort waste and at the same time reduce costs for waste removal and disposal.