Smart waste collection management

Choose a comprehensive solution enabling you to have a detailed overview of the process of waste generation, separation and collection in your town or village.

How does it work?

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ESONA is a comprehensive system that helps all participants in the process of waste generation, separation and collection. It provides citizens with a transparent invoicing system for the waste actually generated. It allows waste collection companies to properly plan waste collection and its routing. It provides municipalities with a detailed overview of the amount of collected waste and waste container registration.

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registration of emptying

Connection to the
municipality IS

waste collection

RFID chips
and readers

Waste container identification

Each municipality has a system that registers all waste containers marked with electronic RFID chips with a unique code. This chip is also assigned to the fee payer in the municipality’s system. The system thus records data on payment orders, payments and waste collections for each payer. ESONA precisely identifies the type, volume and content of waste containers. It accurately distinguishes between mixed municipal waste and sorted collection of paper, plastics, glass, metals, multilayer materials or biodegradable waste.

  • Precise assignment of the container and its type to the payer
  • Reliable distinction between mixed and sorted waste
  • Automatic records of payment orders, payments and waste collections

Monitoring of container emptying

The collection company identifies and records the waste container chip as well as its collection exceptions. The device on the collection vehicle allows you to record GPS coordinates, date and time of collection. The recorded data is automatically stored in a central database. The system provides users with information on the status of collection, the actual amount of waste collected and collection exceptions.

  • Recording information via a RFID chip and GPS coordinates
  • Monitoring of the waste collection status, amount of waste and collection exceptions
  • Automatic storage of data in a central database

Registration and management

ESONA provides detailed information on all waste containers in the municipality. Information on waste collection, fees from payers and costs is recorded in a central database. Employees of the town or village, collection companies and residents have access to the data in the database at various levels. Data is accessible from various devices, which facilitates work in the office and in the field.

  • ESONA web application for municipalities and collection companies
  • ESONA mobile application for municipalities and collection companies
  • ESONA Client Portal for residents

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