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MIM is a stable consulting and implementation company operating since 2000 in the field of information technology and consulting services in the public and commercial sectors. The company provides a wide portfolio of services, which include custom software development, data management services, and so-called smart cities.


The company excels in data management and business intelligence. The company’s know-how covers the entire field of technologies, processes, and measures, the purpose of which is to ensure the collection, processing, analysis, and presentation of data so that they bring the highest possible benefits. MIM is a partner of Talend, a supplier of one of the world’s leading data management platforms.


MIM has been developing and improving the ESONA waste export management system since 2018. Its benefits use cities and municipalities as well as export companies. It is a comprehensive and secure system that constantly monitors the development of market requirements and legislative changes.

IT Asociácia Slovenska & slovak.AI

The company has been an active member of the IT Association of Slovakia (ITAS) since 2006 and since 2019 it has also been a partner of the newly established Slovak Center for Artificial Intelligence Research – Slovak.AI.


The company has an established quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and an information security management system certified according to ISO 27001 for advisory, consulting, and educational services in the field of process management and change management, system integration, and implementation of information systems.

MIM has implemented and uses a service management system in the field of advisory, consulting, and training services in the field of process management and change management. System integration and implementation of information systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2018.

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