On March 21-22, 2024, we again had the opportunity to participate in the professional conference of the Association of Heads of Local Self-Government Offices of the SR 2024.

One of the big challenges currently faced by Slovak cities and municipalities is the increasing costs of waste management. This, of course, translates into pressure to increase fees.

Representatives of local governments are more and more aware of the increase in the mentioned costs, they are considering what steps to take and what solutions to find so that they do not have to drastically increase fees for residents.

A system prerequisite for reducing waste costs in a city or municipality is that the municipality “gets its waste in order”.

What does it all mean? Where to start?

The basis is true data. Effective decisions cannot be made if the necessary data is not available. This also applies to the waste management and municipal sector.

The ESONA solution enables municipalities to ensure the correct, transparent and cost-effective performance of waste container management and waste export. It helps to reduce the hidden costs for the removal and disposal of waste as well as to support the introduction of mass collection of mixed municipal waste.