On March 16-17, 2023, we participated with the ESONA solution in the professional conference of the Association of Heads of Local Self-Government Offices of the Slovak Republic, which was held at the Permon Hotel in Podbansko.

The participants of the event took away useful professional information, which was part of not only the prepared program but also the partner presentations.

In the case of our solution for comprehensive registration and waste management, the participating managers were mainly interested in the possibilities of introducing a fair charging system.

By passporting waste containers and introducing the ESONA system, the municipality can obtain accurate information about the entire process of waste production and collection of individual taxpayers.

By implementing monitored collection in practice and the obtained data, municipalities can proceed to change the fee for municipal waste. The goal of the change is for every citizen/taxpayer to have the motivation to separate as much as possible, produce as little waste as possible, which can no longer be recycled, and have a fairly set fee based on that.

We are looking forward to the next professional meeting.