Interesting sorting solutions for companies and offices

We spend a third of our lives at work. In addition to work, of course, every worker produces waste. In many cases, much more waste is generated in the workplace than in a normal household. Therefore, it is very important to sort the waste. Many companies still do not do enough.

A green company is a good company

Social responsibility is one of the important aspects of business today. It naturally also includes the reasonable management of waste and thus its sorting. Waste recycling can significantly reduce company costs and, depending on the activity, can even add re-funding to the budget for the sale of secondary raw materials. It is even possible to make the waste collection itself more effective with modern systems and smart solutions.

The company is responsible for its waste itself

According to the valid legislation, entrepreneurs must sort the waste that comes from their business activities at their own expense. Also ensure its recycling as part of its activities, if it is not possible or expedient to ensure its preparation for re-use. According to the law, the company is obliged to correctly classify the waste, sort it and secure it against deterioration or theft.

The company is responsible for waste management itself. Naturally, even a small company does not have to be indifferent to caring for the environment. On the contrary, modern companies recycle waste, and in many cases, such a corporate culture is a good image both in relation to partners and employees.

Start with waste sorting containers

It is possible to set up at least four containers or bags in each company, into which glass, plastics, paper, or metals will be sorted. It is also advisable to have a sorting container in the kitchen, which will be used for biodegradable waste (BMW). The very presence of waste sorting containers in the workplace increases the involvement of workers in waste sorting. This method of waste management will certainly become used.

Waste as another source of income

After sorting the waste, you may be surprised by how much and what waste is being generated in the environment. Of course, sorted waste can be handed over for recycling and collection of raw materials. In the case of such a collection, you can also receive additional income that can be used, for example, for a joint party for employees and so on.

Take advantage of smart technology

Of course, waste management, if it does not belong to the business activity of the company, costs time. However, SMART solutions enable company owners to meaningful and efficient waste management. In the case of municipal waste, the collection system is the responsibility of the municipality.

In the case of waste for which the business entity is responsible, it is possible to use a smart solution for the passportization of containers and unambiguous identification of waste collection by the export company. An innovative smart solution is the ESONA system, which can also provide companies with a detailed overview of the amount of exported waste and the registration of waste containers. Entrepreneurs thus pay the export company only for the waste actually exported and have all the necessary information at their disposal in a clear tabular as well as a map form.