The ESONA smart system saved the city of Senec costs for waste management. Other municipalities are also inspired by it.

While in 2018 the residents of Senec sorted less than 21% of the produced municipal waste, in 2021 it was more than 52%. As a result, mixed municipal waste (MWW) was collected in black containers, which significantly helped to stabilize the ratio between costs and revenues of the city in the area of ​​waste management.

This was shown by the latest figures on the results of waste management in the city of Senec, which Ivica Gajdošová, the waste management officer at the Senec town hall, shared with the editors. Among other things, I. Gajdošová attributes the decrease in the collected volume of ZKO to the changes brought to the city by the introduction of the ESONA smart registration system from the workshop of the Žilina company MIM. The so-called city of Senec was “made to measure” based on his current needs at the time. Successful cooperation dates back to 2018.

The waste management officer praises the smart solution after 4 years of use because, according to her, it brings demonstrable results. “Also thanks to the ESONA system, in 4 years we have recorded a decrease in the production of ZKO by almost 38% from the original 7,762 tons recorded in 2018 to 4,878 tons in 2021,” explained I. Gajdošová.
Not only these positives bring 4 years of experience with the ESONA solution in the city of Senec.

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