Waste collection containers marked with RFID chips and “assigned” to individual fee payers – that is how the city of Senec entered 2020. Monitoring of container emptying brings the achievements in the form of reducing the mixed municipal waste volume by more than 700 tons year-on-year.

By signing the Envirostrategy 2030, Slovakia undertook to gradually separate up to 65% of the produced mixed municipal waste. It will be a very long journey from the current 15-20%. Senec managed to achieve a significant year-on-year increase in the sorted components of municipal waste. The most significant increase is in the following commodities: paper by 36%, glass and plastics by 14%. At this pace, meeting the ambitious waste management targets will be more than realistic.

The ESONA system offers the residents of Senec a Client Zone, thanks to which they have one-shop information about their collection containers, their emptying regime and decisions regarding municipal waste and small construction waste. All the necessary information is available in one place, and payment of the fee is easier thanks to the QR code for the payment order.

Choose a comprehensive solution, thanks to which you will have an overview of the process of waste generation, separation and collection in your town or village.