We help take municipal waste management to the next level


The export company T+T, together with us, is helping to implement a system in the city of Žilina in which it will be possible to export waste more easily, quickly, and more directly.

What is it all about?

The T+T export company is currently marking containers with RFID chips in the Budatín district. In total, almost 12,000 waste containers for ZKO and BIO waste, approximately 30 large-capacity containers, and 10 so-called hook containers (Abroll).

The partner of the export company T + T is the company MIM, with the ESONA solution.

MIM is a supplier of scanning devices, RFID tags for containers, and also RFID tags for plastic bags.

When marking containers with RFID tags, the employees of the export company use the ESONA mobile application, which allows them to scan the RFID code and register the waste container in the ESONA system, including the GPS coordinates of the container stand.

Thanks to the new system, the city will get a real overview of the number of waste containers, the location of individual containers, and at the same time the actual exports of municipal waste.