Municipalities and waste: How to deal with it more transparently


Municipalities have recently faced an unpleasant problem. Most of them are forced to increase fees for municipal waste for the population. But there is another way. More convenient, more transparent and not full-area, and expensive. Thanks to the transition to intelligently managed waste management, they can gain an advantage in the form of a transparent and cost-effective solution.


No area solutions

There are still many municipalities in Slovakia that have fees for municipal waste set across the board and increase them across the board. In this case, residents have no motivation to sort or dispose of waste wisely. ESONA, on the other hand, offers the possibility of introducing the efficient collection, which will ensure fairer charges for municipal waste. Depending on the amount of waste produced and waste sorting.


Unique solution and a perfect overview

Thanks to the ESONA system, the municipality obtains comprehensive information on all waste containers in the municipality in one place. By simply looking into the system, the municipality can set up not only transparent relations with the population but also with waste collectors. It will automatically obtain a targeted bill for payments according to real exports, and thanks to this, the municipality can effectively reduce fees for exports, disposal, and storage of waste. And this can translate into better waste prices for residents.


Better and more transparent transport and selection

With the help of a special RFID chip, it is possible to monitor the export and all essential information practically online. Information on waste exports, their volume, and also fees from the population is recorded in a central database and all data are clearly summarized. Subsequently, the local government can make various types of data available to both local government employees and citizens themselves. All information is available through the Client Portal and can be viewed via PC and mobile devices.

Residents will see how much mixed municipal waste they have produced and how this affects the amount of their waste fee. This motivates them to do the correct sorting and responsible waste management. In addition, dissatisfaction with the level of the waste fee will be reduced.